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I think it's a little bit of both. I completely agree with the whole idea about how you shouldn't plan so much of what you do when it comes to an art form, that you should just let your "spirit" guide you, so to speak. But I also think that there are plenty of styles of singing that require practicing and observation of other singers. One guy might want to just come up with his own style and let his own inspiration flow from his vocals in the form of a scream, while another guy might have a crappy natural scream and needs to sit down and organize his own style for the best outcome. And then there's the other styles of metal vocals that aren't simply screams, which usually require at least a tiny bit of that observation and practice to accomplish. Either way, I think it's safe to say that the ones who take it naturally and don't need advice won't be spending a lot of times in those threads you speak of, and the ones who do...well, come on, it's common sense. I just hope you don't get flamed for not putting this in one of the stickies or other threads that might have to do with this. Still, it's got my vote for a nice discussion piece.

EDIT: "Are metal vocals the means by which the singer can express deep emotions or are they merely there to enhance the music?"
It just came to my mind about that last little part of your post. Playing guitar is a form of artistic expression (usually anyway), but don't all guitarists have to learn their instrument and grow in their knowledge of it to be able to express themselves as broadly as they desire? If you separate the vocalist from the rest of the band and hold him higher just because he's speaking literal words instead of just notes...I don't know, I just don't see it that way. Notes on the guitar are a language in their own, just as notes with the voice or even sounds with the voice can express emotions without the right words to help explain it. So I think the singer is just part of the band and, just as the other members, has an obligation to express himself in the best and most appealing way. That takes some study and precision. Of course, I'm not trying to put your post down, just trying to offer an alternative view.
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