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need inspiration and some new ideas on creating runs.

i need some ideas on how to make cool runs. mine just suck....and are awefuly quick. quick as in they are over too quick. wat i do its NORMALY go up 4 down 1 for minor, and usualy up 5 down 1 for the first half of the diminished scale and up 4 down 1 for the last half. although, even when i go up 4 and come back 2 or 3, its still over pretty quick...and lets face it, its boring!!!

so is there any patterns some of you might use other than "up # back #" (eg; up 5 back 3) or is that pretty much it? because i'm really lacking ideas in that department. but, if up and back is pretty much all, wats some tips i can use make the run last longer a part from doing it in phrases?

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