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Originally Posted by matterthief
Listening to Paul Gilbert is like listening to a cokehead type - I'd rather hear Sheenan solo than him. Is your 6 string your main bass? How do you like it? I used to have a Washburn 6 - it played OK and I thought it would be good for death but I never really liked playing it.

i like my 6. it is an ibanez sr506 and it works pretty well. it is a really beautiful guitar and it is a lot darker than on the picture in music 123 (MF doesnt have it).
it is my main bass when i want to play fretted and it sounds really nice with the active bartonlini pickups. the 6 works really well because i have decently large hands and my fingers are longer than the fretboard when i lay them across it so i figure i could take at least a 9 or 10.

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i like metal
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