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Originally Posted by Mapex7string
right on

what would be a good match for a evolution as far as a neck pickup goes? I want to get a lead tone similar to chuck on human, or a really spacey sound like trey azagoth on gateways to annihilation

If you want Trey's lead tone, you'll need a PAF Pro in the bridge. A shame it's not hot enough for anything else besides Morbid Angel or shredding/cleans unless you use a distortion boost of some sort. It's a very clean, clear and transparent sound. That's what gives him those air-like, captivating voicings for his solos(plus that's a Marshall JCM900 he plays, and he does a lot of weird mic'ing techniques). For an evo, try an evo neck pup?

An extremely versatile combo is a X2N in the bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck. That's a good passive pup for anything metal, but you can still tweak the volume and tone knobs to dull down the sound a bit, and you've got a perfect blues axe. I would also suggest a Tonezone(brown, modern techno-ish sort of sound, like Van Halen) in the bridge but maybe that's not what you're looking for(tonezone isn't extremely hot, and it's very warm, so it's best for bright guitars).
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