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Originally Posted by Meesh
Hmmm, it's weird hows there's 2 different errors on measure 26 on the the same staff. What do you mean by invisible?, are there actually any staffs below M23?. Also it doesn't even look like you have the staffs broken up into measures. Post up the actual tab so I can see properly and i'll try and fix some of them for ya.

No I don't have anything under 23, that's what i'm talking about... I'll post the tab for you though, thanks for the help as well... Also, the tempo speeds up from M5 into M6 and when it plays it has this wierd glitch, I don't really know how to explain it, the tempo just abruptly speeds up when it should be at the beginning of the riff where it speeds up.... Just play it and tell me what you think is wrong....
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