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Originally Posted by BeastOfCarrion

On a more interesting note, it is a difficult question. Take a country like Germany - do you want representative bands like Rammstein wich everyone recognises as german, and represent the german music scene as a whole, or a band like Gut, which is porngrind and generally nobody knows about.

Actually i'm asking which band you think it's the most representative from each country i mean for you not for the rest of us someone may say for U.S. cacophony while others metallica while others megadeth .....
Originally Posted by Cunty Shunt
It's shut up time.

Keep 'em comming LS no matter how easy they are.

Originally Posted by Licky Webster
Cock and Ball covered this one, didn't they?
Nice work.

Originally Posted by Paddy
No es problema mi hombre! Hay un burro en mis pelotas, y mi abuela tiene muchas monos en su coņo.

Mi Espaņol no es muy bueno, pero mi puta es va a come el caseoso de mis pelotas con su boca.


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