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My 2 cents

I've personally toyed with the idea of transcribing sheet music along with the tab in programs like Finale and Sibelius, as you'd find in the "official" guitar books. I wouldn't mind the extra effort involved, and I agree with Darko, it'd make this website unique and far more popular. It'd have to be the tab AND the sheet music though, because as a few chaps have already mentioned fretted instruments have the same notes on several different parts of the neck, so you'd need to know which one's to use!

If Nomad was up for it, I'd gladly get stuck in and re-tab all of the songs I've already submtted as sheet music hehe. It's much more pleasent to play from a tab like that than from the ASCII version, and it'd also make the tabber get off his/her arse and use proper note durations etc, making the song playable without the need of the track playing in the background, as is the case with most ASCII tabs.

As far as the legality is concerned, the sheet music is just as much an "amateur interpretation" as the tabs are. They just look a little prettier. I reckon sheet music would also improve your abilities as a musician more than standard tabs would
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