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This is not an article but a science question

Aim: To know the reason for the observation

Apparatus: A computer screen, a guitar (dadgbe works better, or even lower).

Theory: I am guessing string vibration along with persistence of vision.

Sit in front of your comp screen close enough.

Catch your guitar straight (perpendicular to the ground) with the head pointing up, and the fretboard pointing towards you.

Now start rotating the guitar slowly (with the right side coming towards you and left side going away).

Keep rotating till the lowest (d) string is just seen against the screen (IE it
should be silhouetted against the comp screen)

Now catch the guitar still with your right hand and pick the lowest string with ur left hand.

Observe the string at the neck (the part silhouetted against the comp screen).

Observation: The string is seen to be a wave with different phase.
IE it seems like a wave rather than a vibration.

Reason: WTF?????

Note: The magnitude of the normal vibration of the string gives a wave form against time. I am guessing this wave is equivalent to the observed wave (from the expt)


Getting back to my usual self...why does this happen.
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