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The Crying Orc
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I'm sure most of you have heard the news that Suffocation is getting back together to tour and write a new album.
But it's going to be a little bit different of a line-up.
Doug Cerrito (one of the Guitarist's) isn't coming back, and neither is Josh Barohn (Bass).
the Bassist of Internal Bleeding is joining, and I think Chris is going to be the second Guitarist (I forgot what album(s) he was on).

I think this is good, and bad.
First off.....
Bad thing is, Mike Smith (Drums), and Terrance Hobbs (Guitars) aren't really into Death Metal anymore.
You can check out Mike Smith's current project titled "Grimm Evil" on

And I don't think they will have that much attack as a Grind band as they did before, but then you have to think, they're old too.
The good thing is, that SUFFOCATION IS BACK TOGETHER!

I want all your thought's, and opinion's on this... whoever is interested.
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