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Originally Posted by band357
yeah, there's only that one video though, and that's fairly standard drum work, albeit fast. I'm sure he could get tripped up on some of the other work.

Theres a couple of Sleep Terror vids floating around, I think one for ginsu frenzy and one for hypnotic qualm. Personally I was amazed at how easy that drummer seemed to pull off the parts in both vids. It didn't even look like he was trying.

I read Luke was gonna have a real drummer on the new album but they couldn't get their shit together in time before recording started.

Originally Posted by band357
Same goes for Necrophagist and "Epitaph". I don't want programmed samples if you have a drummer. I want a drummer.

Huh? . Hannes played all of the stuff on Epitaph, no samples there. Are you sure you don't mean the RE-ISSUE of Onset?. I was kinda wondering why they didn't get hannes to play all the drums on the re-issue aswell since they used samples taken from his kit, but I have to admit, that's the best sounding programming i've ever heard. That Christoph Brandes guy knows his shit.
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