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yeah, there's only that one video though, and that's fairly standard drum work, albeit fast. I'm sure he could get tripped up on some of the other work.

And it wasn't just catch33 that haake programmed on. it was done on "I" and I believe "nothing" as well. It just majorly dissapoints me. Part of the reason I would listen to something like meshuggah is to be impressed w/ the musicians accomplishments. I don't feel like Haake lived up to himself. Meshuggah, in a magazine, said they did it b/c it was easy as hell... the easiest way to do it. A shortcut, etc.
Thanks, but no thanks. I know haake is very good, and can probably play it all, but none-the-less, I'm dissapointed. Same goes for Necrophagist and "Epitaph". I don't want programmed samples if you have a drummer. I want a drummer.
lol, that's just me though.
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