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DM drummers usually have the speed of a fuckin machine gun, but not all of them can do what jazz drummers can, but alot of jazz drummers can do what DM drummers can. so the only reason that DM drummers dont get the recognition they want or deserve or w/e, is because they usually dont do much to impress except for fast shit, PLUS their genre isnt exactly "liked" by normal mainstream

Actually if you watch say Flo Mounier or Derek Roddy drum, they are doing EXACTLY what jazz drummers do, except about 3 times faster, and most Jazz Drummers can't do what these guys do, most Jazz Drummers (I am not including the Drumming elite here in this statement) use single bass and while they can tear out some speedy chops, they can't hold that speed for the 40 minutes or so that a Death Metal Drummer will do in a set

although you are right about genre not being liked, but to be honest, I don't like Jazz, but I still worship the musicians who play that shit, and so appreciate the genre for what it is.
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