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Not loud enough for me still.

The only thing I can do that's just barely loud enough (and only 75% of the time even then) is make a pattern in Fruity Loops with every highish pitched sound I can lay my hands on. So the clap, the snare, the blip thing etc, then make an mp3 of that and listen to it through Winamp or whatever with the pre-amp and volume wound up all the way.

I have got pretty good isolating headphones, but cymbals just fuck you up every time.

I don't think I'd even like the beep of the Cool Edit Pro metronome to be screaming in my ears. I've lost enough high end hearing as it is, don't really feel like wanking it up any more.

In an ideal world I'd get one of those things that goes under your throne and vibrates up through you. They're normally used as monitors, but would obviously work fine with a click too. These things can work no matter how loud the sounds around you, or even if you're wearing earplugs and stuff. Just the small matter of costing over a grand that gets in my way.
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