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Originally Posted by BTP
the drumming in death metal is the backbone of the genre in my opinion. Some of my favorites right now are...

Derek Roddy
George Kollias
John Longstreth
David Haley (his drumming on the new Psycroptic is perfect for that band)
Tim Yeung
Ricky Myers
KC Howard
Pete Sandoval
Dave (don't know his last name but he's in Sleep Terror)

I aslo think Mike Hamilton from Deeds Of Flesh is an endurance machine on double bass and blastbeats, but while I love Deeds Of Flesh, their drumming is what can REALLY bore me if I'm not in the right mood when listening to them.

ya your right
DM drummers usually have the speed of a fuckin machine gun, but not all of them can do what jazz drummers can, but alot of jazz drummers can do what DM drummers can. so the only reason that DM drummers dont get the recognition they want or deserve or w/e, is because they usually dont do much to impress except for fast shit, PLUS their genre isnt exactly "liked" by normal mainstream
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