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No, the viruses might sue you if they heard about it. Or take it to the press in a tearswelling story about how they have had their personal integrity molested, if they happened to be Swedish viruses.

I became interested in this whole concept of junk DNA from the very first time the teacher mentioned it. I mean, nature has this way of sorting out everything that carries around too much that isn't of use to the creature in question, evolutionary dead ends are quite literaly dead. Naming all those pieces of code we carry about "junk" sounded to me like cutting a big hole in that idea... we have had millions, even billions of years to produce mutations with less junk codes, but the bastards don't seem to have anything on the rest of us.
Nah, never trust something in your own body that doesn't seem to do anything. It's up to something.

Hey, I forgot to ask in the last post, the latest date mentioned in the article was in 2003 - how up-to-date is it?
And do anyone know where there is more information - i.e. red hot new information - on this?
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