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Originally Posted by Ten Ton Alien
ouch, Rick Rubin? the same fat faggot who produces Linkin Park, Slipknot, Shakira and Neil Diamond?

he did produce some Slayer stuff... in the 80's. welcome to 2006, Metallica, nice to see you. hope you manage to suck less this time.

this guy started def jam with russel simmons in the 80s, def jam played a major role in bringing hip-hop mainstream. he started american records to do things his way solo. he is one of the best producers ever and has been doing it longer than most posters here have been alive.the best thing about him is the huge amount of risk he takes working with bands and people who are obscure,on thier way down in out, or are destined to fail anyway. the fact the man is involved makes me interested to hear how the album turns out. the best in the catalog is the shit he releases at usually a severe loss, like john frusiantes solo albums,deconstruction,wesley willis etc.

im not expecting miracles here, but,hopefully,this wont turn into a drag and click,protools editted, cream of the crap, rogaine rock opera like the last album
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