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Originally Posted by metal_monkey
that would probly mean id have to pay around $100 aus for shipping but are both pick-ups tonezones? its pretty nice but that dent on the edge was ugly

No, only the bridge pickup is a tonezone, the neck pup is the stock BCR BSDM pickup. I never used the neck pickup, but it still works.

100$ AUS? Isn't that like 70$? I think you'd be paying more, but I'm not sure. The weight of the whole box should be like 25 lb.? 12kg. The dimensions... I don't know, measure any hardshell guitar case, I'm shipping it in a guitar case's box.

The dent on the edge looks bigger than it actually is in that pic, I honestly had trouble trying to focus in a good pic. If the black marker thing annoys you you can just grab a cloth and some rubbing alcohol.
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