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Yeah here they are:

The guitar:

Headstock, you can see a small ding in the fretboard. The rest of the fretboard is very, very clean and shiny, I recently cleaned it with lemon oil. All the fretboard pics I took came out blurry as fuck:

Body closeup:

Drillhole where the old strap button used to be:

Back(you can see a chip next to the straplock):

A chip on one of the edges:

Gigbag I'm throwing in(it fits):

Dunlop strap locks:

Extras(whammy bar, spare locking nuts, allen key, and a smokey cigarrete box practice amp(+2 9v batteries):

That white thing is a homemade tremolo cavity cover, made it out of a tupperwear sorta thing, though sloppy it fits perfect.

Another body pic:

Aside from the chips, the guitar is very shiny and doesn't look very beat up. The dimarzio Tonezone in the bridge totally slays the thin crappy sound it had with the stock humbucker, it sounds very full and balanced.

The guitar is unbelievably light, the lightest I've ever played I think. Quite comfortable, even sitting down.

Thanks for the interest! You folks better hurry up or it'll end up on ebay.

Whatever offer you have in mind, if you're in the lower 48 states in the US shipping would be like 30$, so please keep that in mind when making offers(include the shipping price). For Canadians it should be like 40 or $50? I'll ship anywhere but folks in Europe will probably have to pay a LOT in shipping and maybe customs, so I don't know.
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