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Fuck...I hate picking favorites..this is so hard. I'm picking the "mainstream" favorites.

Oldschool/Heavy metal: Black Sabbath/Ozzy
Thrash Metal: Blah....Slayer or Kreator.
Death Metal:
Black Metal:----I don't listen to this shit.
Melodic Death Metal: fuck...At the Gates
Power Metal: Iron Maiden(had to put them somewhere)
Prog Metal: Hmm...nothing really I don't beleive.
Doom Metal: ----
Tech Metal: Vehemence/Black Dahlia Murder
Advanced Trollish Metal - Finntroll(Although I haven't had enough experience in the genre.)
I will through Kalmah in because they are badass.
Bitches, Hoes And Corn Rows.

Originally Posted by moe_blunts
you done told me lots of thangs bout beer n shit and canada. have a grand ol cunt of a good time.

RIP moe.
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