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Need FL Help/Changing midi samples

Sorry if this is the wrong forum (I cant decide if its drums, or gear/recording which is more PC based) but here goes.

I have written all my drum parts in guitar pro but as we all know guitar pros drum system sounds a little crappy
All I want to do is import them in to fruity loops as midi files, and then just change the midi samples. So for every bass hit in the midi file, a .wav sample is called in through fruity loops and thats it. Just more realistic sounding.

I know this is a repost of mine but Im in desperate need of help, its really frustrating not being able to do shit in this program, and it seems like a simple task.

Addendum: If anybody knows how to do this just without fruity loops then please tell, too, as its not important its fruity loops im using, I just want to get it done. I would make my own soundfont, but cant find any software that will let me do so :s
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