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i forgot this thread even existed, and now that i read the last 4-5 pages,
i find its a piece of shit.

1.ozzy is not a good singer, he is one of this world's best song writers say dyeing his hair with red highlights is "NOT" metal, well, i agree,
but that's beside the point i'm making
3.what was your reason for bashing the "looks like a chick" god?
4.every band has its critics, good and bad, but most of the bad critics are stupid
moron mothers and dicks who listen to some unmusial noise crap
5.he's old, most likely over 55, so lay off him, he doesn't need you to critisize
his playing ability
6.these are my opinions, no one elses, so i will not take kindly to people
who will bash me. i am not making this point to bash you.
thankyou, and have a nice day
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