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Arrow symphony x- sea of lies....(mainstream metal)

anyone else hear the song "sea of lies" by symphony x? that has one of the greatest interludes of a standard structured song that i've ever heard. the keyboarding is amazing.....

now, for my question...
does anyone else think that some metal bands could have had more mainstream success if they had done more for certain mainstream metal, im refering to having a popularity range from Slayer to Megadeth.

i listen to songs like "sea of lies", and i think that maybe they should have promoted it more or something.....or take "watching over me" by iced earth. or even "melacholy" by IE (although the acoustic part in that song is boring, i dont know why jon schaffer always does that with so many songs....)

"ghostsong" by moonspell is another.....
i listen to these songs and wonder why these bands dont get more attention for these songs.....they are very accessible to any audience....

does anyone else know of any other mainstream metal songs?
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