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Originally Posted by nomad
The 'Dark Matter' theory reminds me this belief in 'aether', which was popular before the Michelson-Morley experiment in the 19th century. Both are pathetic attempts to connect raw theories with experimental data.

This has often been said. But there is a great counterexample - the neutrino. Fermi said "this wacky little particle must exist". Many people said "Fuck off, wop". It took another twenty five years to find them, using a wacky nuclear reactor.

Two further problems - dark matter theories explain some results a lot better than competing theories of non-Newtonian gravity, and some physicists think exactly the same kind of 'fudging' criticism applies to arbitrarily farting around with the laws of gravity to explain cosmological anomalies.

I don't like the dark matter explanations very much myself. But then again, I don't understand them, either.
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