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Necrobutcher's clip was kind of muddy, but I believe the 530 can get extremely brutal.

mine's a little on the too bright sounding side so if you take the mean of necro's and my clips you'll have an idea of what the 530 can do...

If i had my setup at home (it's at my rehearsal space) I'd do more clips...maybe this weekend when my band and I start recording, i'll do a little seperate thing (my band's alt-rock, not BR00T4L METUHL at all) for ya.

I forget the settings on this clip, but I remember I boosted my treble and backed off my bass...probably not a good idea. I had it w/ a Peavey Classic 60/60 poweramp and Marshall 1960A cab, w/ shure sm-57 off-axis.

Pretty simple repetitive riffage.

Also dont judge the ENGL via direct SUCKS at direct recording, no matter how much shit you put in front of it.

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