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Originally Posted by problematic
I am seriously sceptical of the concepts presented in your first posts' article, FBS.

This post is a great example of how most people today use of language like it was their own personal fucktoy.

Regardless of what the common definition of a concept it, in science it is an explanatory principle that is abstract. So what you've done is:

1) Said you are sceptical of the concept.
2) Proceeded to unload a ton of dribble about your scepticism of the practicality of said concept.

If you doubt the concept that means you doubt Felber's solution to the equation as it was solved. Seeing as it isn't being released until tomorrow, and your knowledge of hardcore theoretical physics is probably as scabby as your knowledge of the basic functions of scientific language, I think we can wait for some peer opinions on this before leaping to conclusions.

The feasibility of this idea is complete arse-in-the-air conjecture, seeing as we have no crazy rockets to launch and space payloads to send. Consider also that this article was written by a journalist and the comments about 'star-riding' aren't posed as the 'reality' Felber talks about. Even so, your objections pretty much amount to this:


In conclusion, you molest hedgehogs.

P.S. The speed of light is 300,000km/s IN A VACUUM. It's not a fucking constant.
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