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Originally Posted by Silent Night 6 6
Just hooked up my 5150 to my 1960a, sounds awesome. Has that nice smooth midrange grind w/ out the scooped tone.

Cool. Do you think it would sound nice with a Genz-Benz G-Flex 2x12? And how much did you get your 1960a for? In 2 weeks or so(after midterms) I'll lug my axe to some guitar shops in NYC(got a list of like 5 to visit, so I'm doing it all in one day lol) and I'm going to try out whatever they have, but in particular the BV-120, 5150/6505, XXX, JCM900, and whatever others catch my attention.

I doubt they'll have anything from Madison, Framus, Engl, Splawn, etc. but I haven't played any high gain tube amps before, so it would be a good idea for me to test out as many as I can, as I don't even know what makes a tube amp sound like a tube amp. :P I know it's like more "organic" and "natural" with tube saturation and shit, but honestly I have no idea what it really sounds like in real life.
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(Did you know In Flames had a 2005 album called "Come Clarity"? How prophetic. I think they're trying to tell us all their sperm are dead.)
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