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Originally Posted by Soeru
Thanks. I don't play insanely super gain all the time, but stuff like Nile, Decapitated and Vader is the kind of grind I wanna be able to acheive, maybe even a bit more at times(I use a X2N and ToneZone as bridge PU's). I also like some massive grind like Rotten Sound, Suffo and Nasum and shit. The 530 does have massive balls, right? Is it as brutal as a 5150? I love brutal sounds but I don't want to sacrifice versatility only for super brutal palm mutes. I'm fairly impressed with the lead and clean sounds it has, but I need to hear some more of the high gain rythm stuff it can do. I found one sample that was gradually increasing gain with the same riff played over and over. Was nice but I'm not sure if it can do more than that.

Does the poweramp allow you to acheive more gain, or does it rely solely on the preamp? Would using a E530 with a Maxon OD808 be a good idea? I certainly want that Suffocation sound in that 570 clip, if it can do that then I'll be quite pleased.

If you're recording something, let me know what settings you're using, like where the gain knob's at, what channel, EQ, pickups, tone wood, cab, etc. And do something with a lotta balls if you don't mind, cause that's exactly what I need to know it's capable of. Thanks a lot for the help.

Any other E530 owners are encouraged to share samples, please.

it sounds way different then the 5150, alot less harsh
i have no idea what a boost pedal would make it sound like

ok i just did a really sloppy take of Kill your mother rape your dog by dying fetus with the gain around 5 with my jackson dk 2 with an emg 85 in the bridge (dont let the gain at 5 fool you, i had it up higher when i first plugged it in but it sounded abit too fuzy, so i clocked it down abit)
the eq i used when recording was a fair bit different then what i use when plugged into my poweramp and cab.
as for a cab, didnt use a cab, however i borrowed my friends V amp for cab simulation, and i also stuck my bbe sonic maximizer at the end off all.

ok well im uploading the file in you send it right now....
Originally Posted by k13m
so i guess its kinda nice for leads but i thought it sucked ass for soloing
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