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Hmm I'm guessing I'll get a Genz Benz GFlex 2x12, they look nice and quite portable. Do they sound bassy or crystal clear? Middy-high clarity is all I want, but I need that punchy bass too for those chugs. :P The day I'll need even more headroom I'll invest in a 4x12 and have a 3/4 stack. Does that sound like a good idea? I don't need supermassive headroom at the moment, a 2x12 should be sufficient for band practice, recording and small gigs right?

I could actually buy the gear now if I wanted to, I have a fuckload of cash from college grants and loans but I want to wait and test out a few tube amps and cabs beforehand. I don't want to go crazy with cash right now, I just bought an EQ pedal, a Boss NS-2, some new pickups, a hardshell case, some tuners, clothes, some patches/stickers, books for college, clothes, concert tickets, I may be buying a new neck for my BCR, and a bunch of other small crap that is piling up. Lol, thank god for financial grants.

That sample on RockSolidAmps for the E570(A Suffocation clip), can the E530 pull off a similar sound? Anyone know of any sites that have high gain clips of the E530?

Reccomend 1 specific stereo poweramp to get. It must be compatible with 8 ohm stereo and 4ohm mono and have no more than 150W. It doesn't the affect the sound too much does it? Should I get a solid state poweramp cuz it won't require as much maintenence? Do they sound as good? 200$ is the max I'll spend on one. I just need just enough watts to push the GFlex cab.

By the way, do you know of any cases in which I could fit a rack setup and the G flex? I can't carry my guitar case, rack case, and GFlex all at once. :P
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