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slayer kicked fuckin ass. heres how the night went...

got there, walked to taco bell and ate, didnt look at the time, walked back to the tabernacle, heard "behind space" by in flames playing. i was pissed off cause i wanted to see them. we made it inside to hear about 5 more in flames songs. they were good. soulfly came out, and were a lot better than i expected. their new cd is awesome, they played a lot from that. also, they did a tribal jam, and "roots bloody roots" and "refuse/resist" (sepultura songs). they had a fun as hell pit. finally, slayer came out. they played darkness of christ (intro), disciple, war ensemble, god send death, spill the blood, postmortem/raining blood (like it is on the cd), hell awaits, dead skin mask, at dawn they sleep, stain of mind, haunting the chapel, the antichrist, seasons in the abyss, mandatory suicide, chemical warfare, south of heaven, and angel of death. probably some others too. great pit also. very good show!!
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