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"Apathetic End"

"Apathetic End"
Jacob Fitzlaff

Countless days,
Restless nights.
I pray for sleep,
But none arrives.
Our clocks have broken.
Our clocks are broken.
Endless days,
Sleepless nights.
I pray for peace
to come to my mind.
And our clocks have broken.
Our clocks are broken.

The hours are nothing.
As I stand here and wish for a dream.
Some peace of mind.
A piece of me I've yet to find!
Something hidden away.
Something gone that was meant to be.


The hours tick away.
Burning night into a flame.
And still I stand here.
I'll always stand here!
With empty hands,
Dancing closer towards sanity's end.


Like sand through my fingers,
Or feathers in wind.
Your breath only lingers,
To remind me of when.
Smiles were so easy,
But they'll come again.
As soon as the clock stops
And this apathy ends.

The hours are undone.
Nowhere left for me to run.
And I give away,
My thoughts of yesterday!
And I pray for sleep.
Something to put end unto to my dreams.


Our time is gone...
Worker bees can leave,
Even drones can fly away.
The queen is their slave.
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