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How about:

Fear I Am
Death is my kind
Remember loved ones now
Those you hold dear
All know me before the end
I am the moment
Abel knew my name
Caine bought me then
As then
I am now
I take your hand
This is nearly done
I am no beast
I am only man's depair
I live in dreams, childhood, and war
I've lurked in primortal thoughts that protect
This time is different
I look through all eyes
You have seen me before
You've never forgot
All remember
This is your fate
Fear is my name
I am painless
I take you to death's hand
The ends almost near
I feel you let me go
Could this be a dream
But our dreams together are over
You have passed
Fear I am,
I'm till life’s end

Sorry if I bastardized it. I've been drinking and I thought I might help.
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