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So I play guitar, but once in awhile I'll get bored and thoughts will come to my head so I'll write some "poetry" not that great, but it's a good way to get some thoughts outta my head, well neways I found this. I wrote it some time ago, but was thinking about turning it into a song. It's alot of rhyming...poetry like, I need to break it up and make a chorus and what not, any ideas?

Fear I Am

Death to all who may come near
Embrace loved ones tight, the ones you hold dear
For once it starts it will not end
No ones safe not even your friends
I work for the killer of Abel, Caine is his name
Youíre never safe, night nor day
For Iím always out, a lurker I am
I am neither a beast nor am I man
I fly through the night skies
Looking for virgin thoughts, and fear in your eyes
Once in my grasp you cannot escape
Your life flashes before you, this is your fate
Donít be afraid the ends almost near
I can feel your body as I grip and tear
Could this be a dream, is it in your head
Fear I am, and Iíll be with you till lifeís end
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