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Originally Posted by Soeru
Again, it's not like I'm limiting myself to 500$, I'll have more than that by the time I decide to buy an amp. I just want to try as many as possible and find one I really like.

for a splawn... you're looking around the $1,200-$2,000 mark. in us dollars of course. depending on if it's used or new, and also the model.

the price also depends on the current demand. as splawn is such a small name, yet held in high regard(good for resale).
i had a splawn promod 100. i paid $1,300 used, then turned around and sold it for $1,600.

the trick is to wait. i saw several weeks go by without seeing a single splawn on ebay. so i put mine up with a high starting bid. sure enough, within 24 hours i had a buyer contact me about ending the auction early, paid me the full price i wanted. all because there was no competition.

where as when i bought mine, there were several other promods, and they were a little cheaper. so i lucked out.

you might check out a soldano hotrod. they can be had used for about $1,000 on ebay. you'll need a boost pedal to get really high gain tones. but they sound great. i had a hotrod 50 with a maxon od808 and it was a killer sounding combination.
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