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Originally Posted by Soeru
Hmm... I called GC in NYC and asked them if they had>

Madison Divinity.
Crate GT3500
Crate BV120
Marshall JCM900.
Peavey 5150/6505/XXX/JSX

And the only thing they had was the Bv120 and GT3500! Wtf! I was expecting a store in NYC to have a bigger selection. They also carry JCM900's but they didn't have any in stock, guess I'll have to try more stores. The BV120 was going for 800$, but he didn't mention if it included a cab(I hope so). I don't plan to buy anything in a store, I'm getting it used or on eBay, unless they provide some payment plan and return options and shit.

they should have a pretty full line of mesas, marshalls and crates.

guitars centers are not dealers for peavey, madison, framus, or soldano. so unless it's used, they wont have it.
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