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Winters Lament

this one is a few months old and i've never posted it anywhere, so i thought wat the hell and here it is:

(it was originaly written to some music i wrote, hence the uneven structures. but that was to flow evenly with the music)


-Winters Lament

Dull though glisten
I hear you scream
Wander in this dream

A solace soiree
The moonlit monolith
Trembling exegesis
And the obelisk crumbles to the ground
And in this dream
And in an instant
And when it falls
And when it ends

I am shackled to the wall
Shrouded in ghost like blackness
Lay in slumber on the pyre
And the winter takes me in this dream

Wearing the halo of disease, theiving marauder
I will come for you, just unchain my limbs
Bearing the crown of thorns, thine soul is immortal

I pledge myself to no one, decrepit and thin
Rancid flesh fills the air, your blood I will spill
Glittering and shinning bright, thine soul is valient

What will save you now
I will be your enemy
Just wait till the fall of night
What I see is blasphemy

Walk upon the path of stakes
You wander dripping with sin
Stepping back I impale your light
Just break me from this dream

Raise your fist and honor my name
Wave your sword and fight by my side
Revive my pride and rise from demise
Burning their flesh I can hear their cries

I fell from from the sky....and I drowned all the hope
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