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Originally Posted by lamb_of_satan
Ok but if i told you to explain what colour is to a person who is blind from birth how would you go about (even if that person knows all that there is to know about the physical properties of light...but has never seen colour)

similarly how would you expalin sound (or in this case loudness) to a deaf person
(we know what sound is; we know how it works in the physical world (through vibrations or pressure waves). We know the mechanics of sound and it's properties.)......but knowing these is not enough ....there is that one variable missing that will give us all the knowledge about the qualia being discussed

Untill we find it (which i hope we dont) i guess humans are better off with measurements made dependent on "general" human experience....

This is veering towards the philosophy of perception and I don't really think that this is necessary given the context of the thread. Maybe make a Philosophy of Hearing thread or something - I think it would have a place in the Theory Forum and would garner a slightly different response to that in this thread since loudness and intensity would not be the issue.

Perception does have importance in physics - the act of making measurements and observations in Quantum Mechanics, for example - but for the purposes of the physics of sound wave propagation, it's not really an issue beyond philosophy. Thanks for your input, though.

Jaxadam: sounds like you've got an interesting job there. I realise that my definitions are very much simplified since my education in the subject only extends to one module when I was 17 or 18. Of course, more advanced knowledge is always very much welcomed. Cheers!
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