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I dont care what you people think about me. I never knew I wasnt allowed to voice my opinion here, but Im not going to kiss your guys ass and pretend to like Slayer. I didnt like their past 4 albums. I thought they were awful. But thats my opinion. Does that mean anyone should think less of them? No, it's my opinion. Just like you may not like Tool or Megadeth, Im not going to jump all over you guys because they are my favorite bands. I always thought you should be able to like what you want, but whatever. And Dante's Inferno is in my location because instrumentally its one of the best metal songs I have ever heard. So your useless knowledge about what the lyrics mean were totally unnecessary. And no, I wasn't trying to be "cool." If you were in any other music boards I am on you would see I always use a song title in my location.
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