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Uh, yeah, that song you mentioned, memnoch, is also the only one that's remotely satanic. I could just as easily point out that

Death's pointed at your head
Your mind's on the trigger, pull it
Bludgeon bodies give up
Their muted horror story
Scene of your rage
Death is not strange
Blood on the walls
You stand alone satisfied


Here in 1994
Things are different than before
Violence is what we adore
Anyone can be set free
On a technicality
Explain the law again to me

Has precisely NOTHING to do with satan. Well, unless you believe anything dark or evil is satanic, in which case they do. They're not satanic, and a pentagram aint gonna make them it. You dont call Morbid Angel satanic, do you? But they have the fuckin pentagram, too.

Final time, go check out Deicide if it's satanism you wanna bitch about. I'm sure the picture of a dissected Christ would give you plenty to talk about.

Oh, and most of what I just said was not meant to be directed at memnoch, as is obvious from the context but not from the fact that I adressed him. I do not believe I have to convince a guy whose favorite band has a song called 'No Jesus, No Beast' about the nature of satanism in metal, ok? Plus, he likes Slayer.
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