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I don't want to strike up big conversations here, but i still think Slayer is doing the anti-christian thing. "God Hates Us All" kind of says it. Also, one of my favorite songs off Diabolus has the chorus screaming "Antichrist is the name of god". I think that feel is still in their blood......but they probably like writting about other stuff now too, not just God bashing.

And to Def-fx....not everyone has as strong beliefs in religion that you do. From what you said, i take it you think that "Deviljew" isn't funny.......but i think it is. I'm christian and i'm calling myself "The Devil". It just all depends on personal beliefs....some have such strong ones that they don't want to even joke about satan and such, others don't mind joking about that stuff cause they see no harm in it (like myself).
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