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Originally posted by *Def-Fx*
I think I want to try out one of them magic kahler tremolo's... haneman uses one, so it's probably pretty good stuff...

The good thing about Kahler tremolo's is that you don't need to adjust the springs if you want to tune higher, or lower, or get a thicker or thinner gauge string, for it will level itself.
You can bend up way higher because the cavity is very deep. More sustain added to your Guitar because it is heavy duty, unlike the Licensed Floyd Rose. (Although Original Floyd Rose's have the heat treated steel bottom for the Sustain part).
Now, I'm talking about the "Kahler Pro" or the "Kahler Flyer"...the Kahler "Spyder" (the one that comes with the Warrior XT, is Floyd Rose-like, and it works like a Floyd Rose, just different look, and name.)
I believe Jeff Hanneman uses the Flyer. The Pro, and Flyer, are both the same I think, I don't see a difference in them.
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