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Nah, it was partially in response to him.

Dude, I said Slayer's old stuff was sorta satanistic. It's just, did you check anything they did since 1990? Cause, after that, there's pretty much one satan song on there and the rest isnt. Calling them anti-Christian, is, in my opinion, sorta ignorant. Like I said, there are actual anti-Christian bands out there. Go bug them, they like it. I put Deicide out there, go check them out for a start. They damn sure never stopped to write a song about a serial killer, the ridiculousness of modern laws against violence, nazis, or a sport popular outside the US. Nope, just satanism for them. Of course, then I wont be able to have this interesting and stimulating conversation where we just repeat ourselves endlessly, and I'd definitely really miss this.

By the way, just cause Scott Ian calls himself the DevilJew doesnt mean he's really into satanism, sometimes, people arent always "serious".
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