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Re: Tolkien/D&D

Originally posted by Gigantic Penis
oh man, ive been buying a lot of cds only to find out the band likes to use tolkien/D&D lyrics. at first i didnt mind when it was a few bands, but now its a lot. Even bands like symphony x are doing this.........

There are the serious offenders like bal sagoth and hammerfall............

why do they do it so much? is it easy to write lyrics cuz all you have to do is write about a warrior/wizard/knight going into a cave/lair/dungeon to fight a wizard/demon/dragon........

when i first got Legacy of Kings by HammerFall i laughed my ass off at the picture on the back of the cd........

its good music, but its too obsessed with one theme......

and finally, i give them credit, because i could never, EVER get in front of an audience and sing stuff like:

we ride fourth for the glory of the king
we shall slay the dragon and claim its gold
warriors raise your swords
mages prepare your spells
we fight for the king!!!

id be really embarrassed if i had to do that...........

Try the bands:
Morgana Lefay
Aurora Borealis

there are so many, when I have time, I 'll look through my collection and give you some band names.

have fun!!

Join the hordes!!
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