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This is an intresting topic. I often times feel that i get writers block. But i absolutly nowadays get Guitar composing block..

I'm in such a rut right now its so ridiculous. I pumped out like 17 hella quality, original songs.. and i can't come up with anything. And when i do.. i basically get bored cause it took me so long to come up with 1 riff that i'll just put it down.. and thast the end of that.

But anyways about lyrics. I dunno I write when i'm sitting in class or at night. I write the best when i've had a few beers haha. but thats i guess a common thing. If i come up with a block... very often what happens to ge tme out.. is i'll listen to a song and it will get stuck in my head.. (like a very good song.) And.. the mood from that song will literally force me to come up with something. (not so much the rhythm or how the lyrics are in that song) but just my interpretations of the overall sound and the feelings involked from the music.

Shit i wrote 2 "songs" or "poems" today off one song.
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