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God damn guys, Slayer isnt satanism. Especially now. If you wanna bitch about satanism, go download some fuckin Deicide and hate it. If you wanna talk about their lyrics bein shit, at least read them with enough depth to fuckin get that they gave up the majority of their satanism bullshit with Kerry's fuckin hair. You can hate it all you want, but if you're gonna explain why you'd best try to fuckin make it a valid reason. If not, you might as well just say 'Slayer sucks!' cause you come off more intelligent.

And I wasnt dissing Metallica or Megadeth, just saying most bands dont really stand for shit. And those that do, like, say, U2, aint, in my opinion, any better for it. For the record, however, I am not currently a fan of anything recent from either of those two bands.
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