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I'm about to make xdx proud.

Originally Posted by Helvete
I just told you what I read, and I dont bother least Im not wasting time with searching through the internet just for finding some pictures which may proof that THIS guitarist isnt using THIS amps and so on...

I hate the sound of a Marshall MG. I want to do what I can to keep people from buying it. I am doing the world a favour by keeping people from having to listen to it. If it were 'allegedly' another amplifier I would'nt care. It actually pisses me off whenever someone says they use an MG or a Krank, and then someone BELIEVES it, and spends their hard earned money on something on something terrible. THEN they learn more about buying equipment, discover the used market, and then wish to whatever god they pray to that they had spent their money differently.

Originally Posted by Helvete
when u try to manage to get on an guitar university, they wont ask u what cabs and amps u got at home. Your stupid mesa 3000 stuff wont help u at all if u cant play the guitar. Noone asks u about should know that.

That's an invalid argument. Being passionate about your own aural fingerprint is'nt necessarily a characteristic of someone who can't play guitar. NOT PRACTICING is a characteristic. So why assume that I don't practice? Its kind of not fair to, ahem, make this up about me and then use it as leverage in this discussion.

And to keep on subject ... buy a powerblock
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