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I just told you what I read, and I dont bother least Im not wasting time with searching through the internet just for finding some pictures which may proof that THIS guitarist isnt using THIS amps and so on...thats just poor. I dont have to impress people with knowledge about gear shit. About your childish "PWNED"...
get an account on and I will give u a PWNED, since im not wasting my time with this gear stuff I got more time to practice whats it all about - playing the guitar. Dont forget...

when u try to manage to get on an guitar university, they wont ask u what cabs and amps u got at home. Your stupid mesa 3000 stuff wont help u at all if u cant play the guitar. Noone asks u about should know that.

So dont try to impress people with stupid gear shit.

But thanks for your help before anyway.
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