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Originally Posted by Helvete
hmm...check the marshall site...and remove the quote. Thats where I know it from ...

As long as Zakk is endorsed by Marshall, he's going to say that he uses anything that they tell him to. Funny enough, when they actually put his name on a Marshall head, it sure as hell was'nt an MG.

And while magazines may say that Static uses an MG100 head with its matching cabs ...

Ahem, because I like being right so much ...

NO. Whenever you see just cabs and nothing else on stage, that means that he's probably using rack gear. And that is verified in the last picture. Also, the pictures in which he's used Marshall cabs, they're obviously the 1960 cabs that are actually very, very good.

What's that in the lower left hand corner? PWN3D.
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