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yeah, that's well said man.

even though I don't like slayer at all, because of the lyrics that seem like shit to me, that's MY opinion and I don't ask anyone to share it. it's just my point of view, I'm not a satanist and I just don't like satanist crap. I 'm not a pure blooded christian either but that satanic stuff just goes against some beliefs ( now I'm not talking about slayer but about satanism ) but what the fuck would happen if somebody would start an anti jewish or anti muslim band? they would be pissed of and boycot the music etc. but they let slayer (for instance) continue and didn't whine about anything.

I'm not generalising slayer and satanism but it's just an example. and what memnoch said about the music, it's about the MUSIC not about the culture or beeing cool. If you want to be cool in my country you don't wear metalband shirts or something like that, you wear FUBU shirts and KARL KANI pants that cost a fortune.
I don't have to desire to be "cool" like someone stated before, and ofcourse it's stupid to think slayer is cool because of the satan crap, but if you like slayer for their music, then I respect that, with diffrent lyrics I would probably listen to slayer too.
I won't whine about that either but it's just about the music, not about beeing cool, why don't some people understand that? If I want to be cool I would listen to fucking wu-tang-clan or fucking DMX or something. (Or maybe slipknot or mudvayne )

ah fuck I just keep on rambling in my fucked up english, you guys probably didn't understand the point I was trying to make here....
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