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Originally posted by PST 88
Yeah, who the fuck gets to call anything immature when a)he aint out of high school, and b)he lists his location as a fuckin book written in the middle ages that he probably only knows by the Iced Earth song and obviously doesnt quite notice that it is a book warning people about blasphemy, if you get me. Go hang yourself on a fuckin tree.

What did I call immature? Slayer's music has been shit since the early 90's. They fucking dont stand for anything but being against christianity which is just a gimmick given to give them something to write about (out of the mouth of kerry king). I dont give a shit what Dante's Inferno was about or what useless knowledge your gonna feed me about Dante's Inferno. Kerry King needs to get his head out of his ass and tie a noose around it to end the shitty music he has made us endure. Get your head of Slayer's ass and listen to something respectable.

<---- my dreams about Kerry King and Slayer
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