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Some Ideas...


Just pondering what could help make MT better, I thought...

1) When someone clicks "start a new thread," there should be a lil disclaimer right above the thread forms that say something like...

- Before you make make a thread, have you tried searching the forum for a question to your answer. Mostly likely your question has already answered.
- Have you tried searching Google for answers to your question. etc.

Just to remind the poster about using searching resources before posting.


2) I was thinking... what about adding a tutorial/how-to resource area to MT. The users can submit their own how-to's and we can even have a rating system for em too. This way, instead of a user on the forum explaining how to change strings or swipe out a power tube and rebias every other post, we can just refer them to the how-to section. We have pretty intelligent people on the forum, all more specialized in particular areas than others. I'm sure we could get some pretty damn good informative tutorials on just about everything. Plus, it would help attract more people to the site. It's just idea....
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